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Louisiana Food Processors Association (LAFPA) is a non-profit trade association representing and advocating on behalf of food processing companies. The activities of the organization are centered around; promoting food technology education and scholarships; the exchange of information and networking between food processors and suppliers; providing an industry voice and facilitating cooperation with government agencies; and sponsoring training seminars for food professionals.


Our mission statement is simple, help influence public policy and establish a network of related educational and industry support resources with the single mission of making the State of Louisiana a great place for food processors to do business.

2015 LFPA Annual


Hosted by:

Our Lady of Holy Cross College


Special thanks to the Brown Foundation for supplying a generous  grant to the LAFPA's 1st Annual Conference

Our States Culinary History


The territory of Louisiana was first populated by hunter-gatherers roughly 10,000 years ago and the food culture of our great state was started. Food processing became an immediate necessity. This included numerous preservation techniques in order to eliminate spoilage and waste. However, it wasn’t until about 5,500 years ago that the first permeant settlements appeared. This began the rich history of agriculture in our state. Permeant settlements required a constant food supply and this was achieved through preservation and trade. The first European explorers to visit Louisiana came in 1528 when a Spanish expedition led by Panfilo de Narváez located the mouth of the Mississippi River. European interest in Louisiana was dormant until the late 17th century, when French expeditions, which had imperial, religious and commercial aims, established a foothold on the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast. The first permanent settlement, Fort Maurepas, was founded in 1699.  European food processing techniques became a part of the Louisiana landscape. Since then, numerous cultures have added their knowledge and skills to create the Louisiana Food Processing Industry.


Taking the next step, the LAFPA was created to help Louisiana-based food manufacturers and their suppliers stay current on and address the ever-changing issues affecting the food industry. In addition to providing essential information and a networking resource for members, the association also took an active role in representing the food industry at regulatory hearings before state agencies including the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Hospitals.


LAFPA members include a wide variety of processors producing sauces, soups, salad dressings, condiments, casseroles, entrees, marinades, vinegars, spices, candies, coffee, tea, jams, meats, and vegetables both canned and frozen.