Benefits of Membership


Resource Team of Experts


The LAFPA Resource Team is comprised of a select group of local professionals that offer assistance to LAFPA members regarding advisory and consulting services which are not limited to; Food Science, Packaging Material, Packaging Equipment, Ingredients, Flavors, Graphic Artist, Distribution, Food Law, Food Processing and System Packaging Design to name a few. This team of experts can help direct you or in most cases, assist you in these needs.


Networking and Connecting


By becoming an LAFPA member you can enhance your industry relationships thru networking and connecting with fellow industry leaders, educators, legislators, suppliers and or service related groups from around the state/country. LAFPA members also have full access to LAFPA's membership directory, resource team and are also entittled to discounts to all LAFPA annual conferences, gatherings and continuing education classes.


Collective Voice


Instead of hoping your single voice gets heard regarding specific related industry issues or the creation and/or changing of regulations affecting the food industry, LAFPA can help offer "strenght in numbers" by uniting other LAFPA members in an effort to come together as one voice. This collective action helps draw the attention needed to the issues at hand especially when addressing specific political groups or govermental agencies.


Continuing Education/ Training 


LAFPA is commited to continuing education and training opportunities for our membership. This montra will play a significant role in promoting our food industry here in Louisiana. A well educated and trained labor force helps promote a secure job market and great growth in our industry. Further, LAFPA annual conferences are centered around training and educating opportunities by providing a variety of topics offered by leading experts. These guided sessions are designed to assist and help companies facilitate operational food safety protocols, better understand regulations and help improve production efficiencies and profitability. Additionally, LAFPA will be providing specific in depth industry topics by offering continuing education classes that will be available throughout the year. 

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