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The Louisiana Food Processors Association (LAFPA) is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association representing and advocating on behalf of food processing companies and other related industries including companies providing raw materials, packaging, equipment, plant layout and design services, laboratory testing, regulatory groups and an array of business services.


The primary role of LAFPA is to influence public policy and make the state of Louisiana a great place for food processors to do business.  The association's activities can be summarized in four words; advocate, educate, communicate, and facilitate. LAFPA is devoted primarily to support, promote and encourage education in all aspects of the food industry.


Membership in the Louisiana Food Processors Association (LAFPA) is available to all food processors and food processor suppliers. LAFPA is developing a government relations program and anticipates strong growth in membership as a result of its offering. LAFPA is eager to reach out to all food processors, including dairy, meat, poultry, fruit, cereal and grain, as well as vegetable processors and invite you to join our movement.


LAFPA currently offers four levels of annual memberships, Processor, Supplier, Associate and Educational  Memberships. Please review the brief descriptions provided below for membership opportunities.                                                               

                 Annual Conference/Exhibotors Booth Registration and LAFPA Sponsorships (see below) 


                Note: Once you have registered and paid thru the e-commerce/paypal process, a copy of each of the forms will be sent to you via the email address you provide. Please remember to download appropriate forms and submit

 to: Further; Pay Pal will send you a copy of a receipt detailing all of your transactions. Please dont hesitate to contact us @